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INT NORD CH NoW1-12 SeW-12 NordVW-15 SeVW-16 HeVW-16    FinVW-16 Benton Winter Storm (hips A/A) 

(CIE DK S U(u) CH WW-10 EuW-11 Dons Paparazzi - INT NORD CH NordJW-05 SeW-07 FinW-08 NoW-10 Benton Pep Talk)


Glenbrows Gentle Breeze (hips A/A)
(Amiro Wind From The Hills - Glenbrows Beside Me JW)

bred by Tim and Honor Harrison, UK
owned by Marjo Jaakkola & Piia Serguskin





 Co-owned dogs:

HeJW-16 Glenbrows Zephyr (owner Minna Varonen)

INT NORD CH HeJW-13 NordJW-13 FinJW-13 WW-14 FINW-14,-15 HeW-14,-15 SeW-14,-15 NordW-15

Trystyn Gives Benton Goose Bumps
(owned and bred by Sandra Holmes and Greg Peter DVM, USA)

AM CH Benton Loves Duckaholics (owner Sandra Holmes & Greg Peter, DVM,  USA)

AM CH Trystyns Blue Rodeo (owner Sandra Holmes & Greg Peter, DVM, USA)

Trystyns Cinnamon Suede (owner Sandra Holmes & Greg Peter, DVM, USA)

INT NORD CH HeW-13,-16  Benton Delaware Winter (owner Astrid Sundstrom & Markku Estala)

Benton Keep Talkin' (owner Katja Jansen)

FI CH Westaway Beyond Belief With Benton (owner Marianne Forsell)

Dewmist Duplicity (owner Piia Serguskin)




Gladtail Party And Salsa (hips B/C, 0/0 elbows)

(FIN & RU CH NordJW-05 Voyage Bois De La Rayere - CIB FIN EE CH Eternal Fire Amazing Grace)

FIN EE CH Goldspell Four Wheel Drive (hips  B/B, 0/0 elbows)

(CIE DK ES HRJCH PT CH EuJW-07 Ritzilyn Rick O Shea - Gladtail Party And Salsa)

Goldspell Just Do It (hips A/A, elbows 0/0)

(SE NO EE LV RU J CH RO CY CH BALTJ CH BYJW-11 FINW-11 Zampanzar Sweet Seconds - FIN CH Gladtail Romantic Heaven)

Dewmist Duplicity (hips A/A, elbows 0/0)

(SH CH Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell JW - INT NORD CH Dewmist Diversity)

INT NORD CH BALT CH FINJW-08 NORDW-10,-11.-12.-13 FINW-10,-12 HeW-10,-12,-13 SeW-11 DKW-12 Benton Walk Of Fame (hips A/A)

(CIE DK S U(u) CH WW-10 EuW-11 Dons Paparazzi - INT NORD CH NordJW-05 SeW-07 FinW-08 NoW-10 Benton Pep Talk)

 FI LT CH Benton Just Talkin' (hips A/A)

(AM CH Trystyns Blue Rodeo - INT NORD CH MultiW Benton Walk of Fame)                                                                                               



Co-owned dogs:


Goldspell Moondance (owner Nina Rönkkö)

Goldspell Take This Dance (owner Riikka Harjaluoma)

Goldspell Feel Free To Stare (owner Maria Aropelto)

Goldspell For Better Or Worse (owner Sari Auvinen)

Goldspell Jamaica Avenue (owner Tanja Moisio)

Goldspell Never Lose A Date (owner Katri Turunen)

Goldspell Not A Girl Next Door (owner Mervi Markkanen)

Benton Ask Your Mother (owner Tanja Moisio)


FI CH Benton Hall Of Fame (owner Heidi Rossi)

Benton Fifth Avenue (owner Heidi Rossi)

BALT JCH Benton Rumour Has It (owner Tiina Martikainen)

FI CH Benton January Storm (owner Laura Nieminen)

Goldspell Just A Step Away (owner Tanja Polvinen)




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Updated 29.9.2017


Welsh Springer Spaniels since 1980 - Golden Retrievers since 1999.

Vuolasvirta award for meriterious Wss breeding 2002.